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Knowlege Base Article Description
How to Create and Submit an Amendment Form in iRISWhen you need to make changes to an already submitted study, you must create and submit an amendment. This document lists the steps required to do that
How to Create and Submit a Continuing Review Form in iRISThis document contains the steps required to create and submit a Continuing Review form.
Common Submission Issues in iRISThis document lists a few common issues and how to resolve them when it comes to submitting applications, amendments, submission responses, and other items in iRIS
How to Create and Submit a Submission Response Form for an Amendment in iRISWhen you submit an Amendment and the IRB requests that you make changes to your amendment prior to it being approved you will be requested to do what is called a Submission Response. Below are the steps required to complete a submission response form for an amendment. For assistance on answering the questions you may contact the IRB office
How to find Stamped Documents in iRISThis document lists the steps required to find stamped consent forms.
Common CITI Training Issues in iRISThis document is an overview of the steps to take if you are having issues with your CITI training not showing up in iRIS
Advanced NavigationThis document contains step-by-step guides on how to do things such as check the CITI training of key study personnel, find stamped documents, located the IRB staff member assigned to your submission, and other useful tips
How to View OSPA TasksThis article describes the steps required to view the tasks assigned to you for OSPA submissions in the Research Portal
How to Find Approval Letters in iRISThis document contains the list of steps required to view Outcome/Approval letters in iRIS
How to Submit an Internal GrantThis article describes the steps required for submitting an Internal Grant.
How to Access the Internal Grants PortalThis article describes the steps required to access the Internal Grants Portal

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